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Sarah Methner (* 1988 in Berlin) studied stage and costume design at the College of Arts Berlin Weißensee. Her stage sets are minimalist architectures that focus on the core aspects of the respective material. For example, for "Der Luftangriff auf Halberstadt" (director: Maximilian Hanisch) she developed a walk-in lattice platform that enabled the actors to play over the audience.
Sarah Methner was employed as a permanent set assistant at the Staatstheater Braunschweig in the season 14/15 and at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus in the season 16/17 .
She has been working as a freelance set designer since 2018. After her first engagement at the Dresden State Theater, where she designed the set for Babett Grube's production "From a long journey ...", she founded the independent group "Hanisch & Methner" with the director Maximlian Hanisch.  In the same year, the cooperation resulted in the development of the play "Who's Afraid of Niketown?" as part of the Treibstoff Theatertage Basel, which dealt with the unruly brand image of Nike. In 2021 they showed the production "Prefabricated buildings - islands of the present" at the European Center for the Arts in Hellerau, at the Kunstfest Weimar, in the TD Berlin and at the Roxy Birsfelden. The basis of the project is the examination of the different perceptions of prefabricated buildings in the world.

She has been working with the director Fabian Rosonsky for many years. He deals in particular with the development of monologues.



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